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“West Minico Middle School has enjoyed working with Fatboy Ice Cream for the past 5 years. This is by far the best and the EASIEST way to make money for our school. The product is high quality, the public is familiar with it, and there is only one price to remember.”
Tina W., West Minico Middle School
“Last year we made over $10,000 in two weeks. We have run a sale once a year since 2011. Without a doubt the Fatboy fundraising program is the easiest and most profitable program we have ever done. Farmington Bands LOVE Fatboy!”
Heath W., Farmington Jr. High
“One of my coworker’s daughter did Fat Boys for her sports team fundraiser.
Best fundraiser I’ve even participated in! I got the “on a stick” ones!”
Kathy D., Facebook Comment
“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for this fundraiser! It has made it possible for 5 of our gymnasts to attend regionals in Vegas! I was very, very impressed with the delivery people- they had it so organized and were wonderfully helpful! We look forward to working with you again!”
Amber B., Utah Twisters Booster Director

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