Casper's Fundraiser | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does The Capser's Fundraisers Work?

Casper’s Fundraiser is a Pre Sale Fundraiser. Your group pre sales our Ice Cream, collects the money, and then delivers the Ice Cream on a pre determined delivery date to those it was sold to .

2. Who do people make checks out to when ordering Ice Cream ?

People who participate in Casper’s Fundraisers make checks out to the Team/Group, Club, or school. This is decided before the fundraiser begins and told to all participants. No customer checks are to be written out to Casper’s or FatBoy Ice Cream.

3. How does Casper's Get Paid and how does my group get paid?

At the time of delivery Casper’s Ice Cream will need one check from your group for $18 a box (Written out to Casper’s Ice Cream). Your group keeps the other $12 a box as its profits.

4. How is the best way to coordinate the delivery for my group?

Your group needs to meet at the same time if possible. Having them come at different times or over a long period of time makes it hard to keep track of who has received their Ice Cream. If you have a large group and would like a longer delivery time let your Casper’s representative know and they will work with you on specific time and organizing many teams or groups within one club or organization.

5. Will Casper's drop the Ice Cream off at my designated location and leave?

Of Course NOT!! Casper’s will make sure the freezer truck is at your designated location so your Ice Cream stays frozen as you pick it up for delivery. This makes it important to make sure all of those that sold are at the delivery to pick up their Ice Cream.

6. How long will the freezer truck be at my location to deliver the Ice Cream?

The Freezer truck will be at your delivery location based on the number of boxes your group sold. A general rule of thumb is a 1/2 hour for every 200 boxes sold. This can be adjusted for your group on a case by case basis as coordinated with your Casper’s representative.

7. How do I make sure everyone in my group receives the correct amount of I ce Cream?

It is important that you, as the leader over the fundraiser, have a Delivery Day Report (you will find this in your portal). YOU MUST BE PRESENT at the delivery to verify each participant’s box numbers and check them off as they get their ice cream. Please make sure that EVERYONE DOUBLE COUNTS their ice cream before leaving to distribute their ice cream.

8. How long will the Ice Cream stay frozen while being delivered?

Ice Cream must be delivered or in a freezer within 45 min of picking it up from our freezer truck. Ice Cream is frozen at -20° to give enough time for delivery. The majority of participants will not need anything more than to just pick up their Ice Cream and deliver it. For those with large orders (25 or more boxes) or traveling far, they need to have more than one vehicle for delivery or blankets and dry Ice to keep Ice Cream cold if there is a chance of Ice Cream being out longer than 45 min. Dry Ice Rule of thumb is 1lb per 4 boxes of Ice Cream. Dry Ice goes on top of the boxes under the blankets. A regular cooler can only hold 3 boxes of Ice Cream so blankets generally work better.

9. What if someone doesn't pick up their Ice Cream?

It is very important that you have all the phone numbers including cell phones to those in your group. If you see someone is not at delivery to pick up their Ice Cream it is good to call them right away. Pre planning is always the best approach reminding each person they are responsible for the Ice Cream they sold. If they can’t make it they need to make sure someone is there for them to pick up and deliver their Ice Cream. Casper’s is not responsible for the Ice Cream of people who do not show up.

By Following these guidelines you help to ensure a successful fundraising experience. It won’t take long before you will understand why FatBoy has over 90% of its groups return for additional Fundraisers. Good Luck and don’t forget we are here to help you succeed!!

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